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{Jesus} went about doing good. Acts 10.38

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

waiting for the locksmith

Yesterday I locked my keys in my car.  It's not easy with a keyless entry system, but I've managed it more than once.  The first time my small children were buckled in their seatbelts and the remote start was on.  Some kind firemen helped me out of a jam that time.  It's a Ford with an entry code which I didn't know at the time.  I got the code, and promptly forgot all about it- until yesterday when I realized that it was also locked in my car.  Useful.

While I waited for the locksmith to come break into my car I was thinking about my first car, my 1980 Toyota Celica. I thought of it because I used to lock myself out of that car all the time.  I learned early on that it wasn't really a problem though because any similar make and year's car would open my doors.  Yeah, it made me feel super secure- any late 70s to mid 80s Toyota or Honda key could open my door.  Yeah, it also solved my problems several times.

After I started thinking about that little key detail, it made me start thinking about all the adventures I had in my first car.

What was your first car?  What adventures did you have?  You should take some time to write it down, or otherwise record it.

I remember my grandfather telling me about his first car.  I don't remember what the exact car was, but it was an early model Ford (of course.)  He said he would have to crank it up every time he wanted to start it. If he went too fast, which he loved to do, the wheels would literally fly off.

Imagine what your grandkids will think of your first car stories.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

just a day at the park

I took the girls to the park yesterday. I was sitting on a bench reading a book when two boys about 11 years old rode up on their bikes.  The first one said, “We can’t find our mom.  Have you seen her?” 
I said, “What does she look like?”

The very white skinned, blond haired boy said, “She’s wearing a black and white striped shirt, and she has black hair, and she’s black.”

In my mind: ‘What  ….?!  How …. ?!  Doesn’t matter.’

Outloud: “Sorry, I haven’t seen her.”

Boy: “You haven’t seen her?  She was climbing a tree, and she fell out.  We rode our bikes to go get help.  When we came back we couldn’t find her.  You didn’t see anybody fall out of a tree?”

In my mind: ‘Curiouser and curiouser …’

Outloud: “No, you should probably ask someone who has been here longer. I just got here.”

Boy:  “We just can’t find him.  Well, he’s really our dad. We just say mom because he looks like a woman.  He’s transgender.”

In my mind:  ‘Two very white boys can’t find their black transgender dad who fell out of a tree at the park… where are my children?  Is this some kind of distraction tactic so some  nutball can steal my children?’

Scanning and finding my children playing…

Outloud:  “No- I haven’t seen anything like that.”

Boy: “Okay, we’ll keep looking.”

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Is this grammar okay?

Sometimes as instructors we hear, see, say things and think, 'Is that real?  Can I say that? Would anyone else say that?  There must be a grammar rule about that."

Here's the questions a fellow instructor said one of her students had written this sentence for future perfect: "I will have been done by 3:00."  She was questioning if that sentence was grammatically correct.  She knew you can say "I will have finished by 3:00" but the part that was throwing her off was the "been done."  The question was, does that "been" make it passive?

Another instructor said, No- that's not a good sentence.  I said, Yes, it's a good sentence.
Here's why:
You can say "I will be done."  'I' is the subject, 'will' is the future marker, 'be' is the main verb and 'done' is an adjective.  It is similar to "I will be happy."
Seems like the same should be said for "I will have been done by 3:00."  'I' is subject 'will is the future marker, 'have' + past participle of the main verb 'be' is perfect, 'done' is adjective 'by 3:00' is a prepositional phrase.

They both looked at me quite skeptically and walked away.

I said, "I would say it! (if I ever used future perfect.)

Virginity test

I was about 8 weeks pregnant.  I went to the doctor for my first check pregnancy check up and the nurse did her normal weight, blood pressure, questions about medications, then right before I left the room she said,
"Do you want  to do the virginity test?"
I narrowed my eyes thinking, 'it seems a little late for that!' But knowing how often I mis-hear things I said, "I'm sorry, what?"
She looked a me a little skeptically- and repeated, "Do you want to do the Progenity test? It's a genetics test for the baby."
I said, "Oh! Yeah- yeah that sounds fine."

Friday, April 14, 2017

lazy knitter

Here's a vignette of me at the height of my laziness.  I've been crocheting a lot lately. I want to knit something small and easy.  I look around the chair where I'm sitting.  I see a pair of size 5 needles. That's pretty small.  I look again.  I see a ball of white acrylic yarn I bought to finish a crochet project (that I'm currently not finishing). It will work for these needles. I pick up my laptop, which is also near my chair. I don't want to do anything so drastic as stand up, or go to the next room for heaven's sake.  I find a free pattern for a bear online. No printing- knitting from the screen- I start "nervous movie knitting" to Rouge One. Nervous knitting is when I am watching a movie that's kind of intense, and knitting something not so intense at the same time.  I give 2/3 attention to the movie and 1/3 attention to the knitting. Sure I miss a few details in the movie, and I may lose count of my stitches- but I feel pretty accomplished by the end of the movie if I haven't completely lost the plot and/or my place in the pattern.  I got almost a quarter of a bear out of that movie.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Learning about my father

I have always had a very minimal interest in my father. Today I learned his middle name was Martin, he was barely taller than me, and he had brown eyes. How unexpected.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

the cano talker

When Eowyn was 1.5-2 years old she was a talker.  (She still is.) She talked about everything.  I wrote down some of the more ridiculous conversations. She talked about bananas and babies and kitties and trucks.  I remembered last night she also talked about volcanos.  She was really concerned about volcanos and what destruction might come as a result of an erupting volcano.  I'm not really sure why this was such a big concern considering we live in Texas, where as far as I know, there are not, nor have there ever been any volcanos.
We would be driving down the highway, and she would see a huge pile of dirt which was going to be used for construction and say, "Mama! cano!"
And I would say, "No, that's just a pile of dirt."
To which she would reply, "No! Cano!"
I knew better than to continue an argument with a two-year-old so I would say, "Okay, it's a cano."
She would be very worried and say, "I too like canos!" I don't know why, but "too" often took the place of a negative marker for her. I would say, "Yes, I know.  But don't worry, that cano won't get you."
She would say, "Canos (s)carry!  I too like canos!"

I  didn't know her being so verbal at that age was unusual until I met more 1.5-2 year olds.  Many of them are still working on answering questions like, "What does a cow say?" I had a child worried about the danger of volcanic activity in the area.

At the doctor's office they ask developmental questions like, "Can your child use original  sentences of three or more words?" I remember sitting in the office thinking about that question.  I was running through some of the most common things she would say.  I decided she could, but wasn't convinced that I had heard much evidence of it.

That evening when we got home she walked into the dining room and said, "I wanna sit in my highchair and eat apple." I thought, 'well, at least I gave the right answer on the doctor's form."

This past week we had this conversation.
"Mama, your arms are a little bit fat."
"I know.  I need to go on a diet."
"What's that?"
"It's when you don't eat any candy or cake or desert."
"Oh! I'm sorry!" (very heartfelt)
"Mama, when it's your birthday, and you have a cake if you are unfat you can eat it, but if you aren't unfat you can just look at it okay?"

Saturday, December 31, 2016

#Nuggets from my children

It would be incorrect to say that Lailah doesn't talk as much as Eowyn.  She does talk just as much, she uses far more made up words, and the real words she does use are sometimes hard to decipher- but she does talk/verbalize easily as much.

Sometimes while we are watching TV she's just sitting on the sofa humming.  Not humming tune, really just buzzing.  Making noise- sometimes robot noises "beep-bloop-bloop-beep."  Sometimes she will come up with an urgent story which must needs be told- about a purple dragon.

If you ask her who ate the last cookie, or how her toy got broken, she's say, "Maybe it was a monster."

She decided just after her third birthday that she would be potty trained, but before that she flat out refused to participate in the training exercises which I wanted her to perform.  I tried to transition her to pull-ups by telling her that diapers were for babies.  "Do you want to be a baby."
Lailah, "yes!"
Me, "No! You want to be a big girl!"
Lailah, "No, me baby!"
Me, "Well, no more diapers. You are going to wear these pull-ups now!"
Lailah, "That diaper!"
Me, "No it's not!  It's like panties see!" (Showing her how pull-ups are connected at the sides and diapers are not connected."
Lailah, "Do this," (pulls the pull-up sides apart at the velcro seams) "now it diaper!"
Me, "Give me that!  This is a pull-up!"


I found a dog.  She was running around on the road- she looked hungry and it was cold outside, so I picked her up.  She came right to me.  I put up some posters, I took her to the vet to see if she had a chip.  (No.) I even posted her picture on craigslist. I got several calls "That's not my dog, but if you don't find her people, I'd like to take her."
My children pretty much immediately said the same thing.
Eowyn said,  "Mama, can I name her?"
I said, "Well, she's not really our dog, so when we find her family we will give her back."
Eowyn: I know, but she needs a name now.
Me: Okay, what do you want to name her?
Eowyn: How about Red.
Me: But she's white and brown, why would you name her Red?
Eowyn: Okay, then let's name her Jacket.
Me: Jacket?
Eowyn: Yeah!
Me: Okay?

 Now we have Jacket, who is super cute, but NOT HOUSE TRAINED at all. Pooping on the floor makes her so less cute.

I have a hard time remembering Jacket's name.  Our friend has a similar looking dog named Patches. Sometimes she is Patches-
Biscuit, Jumper, Pocket, Brisket, Cookie, Locket, Packet! What is that dog's name again?
Welcome Jacket.  I think she's a Papillion or Papillion mix.